Advoli | HDBaseT™ Graphics Card TA6
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HDBaseT Graphics Card

World’s First 6 Channel HDBaseT™ Graphics Card

The World’s first 6 channel x 4K and Modular HDBaseT™ Certified Graphics Card


With functionality never seen before in graphics cards


Designed for audiovisual installations requiring long distances between server and displays/projectors.


Certified Class A HDBaseT™ product, compatible with other HDBaseT™ products



World’s first modular HDBaseT™ graphics card that is capable of using both Type A or Type B MXM following the MXM spec 3.0 / 3.1.


This gives you as an end user:


1. Flexibility to choose the brand you need based on processing power and functionality


2. Flexibility to upgrade and change brand based on new products without needing to buy a completely new product

Supported MXM Modules
Advoli TA6 Modular
Advoli TA6 Emulated Controls

Emulated Controls

World’s first graphics card to have emulated controls giving you the IOT power over your displays/projectors.


advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card comes with complete emulation of IR, CEC and RS232.


Infrared (IR) & RS232: Encode and decode IR and RS232 signals through Serial Console. The power of a universal remote control and the power to sniff and read any incoming IR and RS232 signal, copy the signal, and send the signal back out. Emulation of any RC5 or CIRC IR commands.


Consumer Electronics Control (CEC): Encode and decode CEC signals through Serial Console. Can send raw command CEC strings, emulating any device. Auto responds to basic CEC commands with additional diagnostic mode that can capture and show full raw data and timing information.

Pass Through IR

World’s first graphics card with pass through IR.


If you do not want to use the emulated controls, but would like to use a remote control on the media server side to controls displays up to 150 meters away…




… control media players from the display side up to 150 meters away from the media server…


…. the advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card has one IR input and one output port for an IR Blaster and an IR receiver.

Advoli TA6 IR Pass Through
Advoli HDBaseT CAT Cable

CAT Cable Benefits

  1. Sending UHD (4K) video, audio and controls up to a distance of 100 meters, and 150 meters for FHD (1080P), not possible with most other competing standards
  2. Cheaper than other copper based cabling in general
  3. Lighter and more flexible than most other alternative cabling
  4. usually much cheaper and easier to find when you need fire-proof and shielded cabling
  5. Easy to terminate on site during installation – not possible with most other audiovisual cables.
  6. Greater features not possible with competing audiovisual standards.

Half Length Graphics Card

The advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card is designed to fit both smaller sized media servers with ITX form factor motherboards and large scale server motherboards. The advoli™ TA6 Graphics Cards abides by the dimensions of the PCIe half length form factor:


L: 167 mm (175.26 mm)
H: 106 mm (106.68 mm)
W: 39 mm (40 mm)


PCIe half length form factor specification in parenthesis:

Advoli TA6 Length Comparison
Advoli HDBaseT Diagnostics Console


The advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card comes with HDBaseT™ diagnostic features: cable distance, signal quality and signal integrity for each twisted pair on CAT cable.


The graphics card is packed with environmental sensors/controls/information: voltages, temperature, fan speed, operational hour, power cycles and display/projector connectivity.


This gives the end user control over audiovisual installations all the way down to the displays, to more effectively and remotely diagnose problems reducing the need to send technicians on-site to determine the problem – saving costs.


With a future web-based interface, diagnosis and notification service, installation oversight can be fully automated ensuring higher up-time and faster fixes.

Cooling Redundancy

The advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card comes with dual ball (double) bearing fans extending the lifespan of the fans and ensuring consistency in performance.


Having two double bearing fans allow for redundancy – should one fan fail the other will increase speed to compensate.


Both fans are set to operate at lower RPM to increase the life span of the fans and to increase with elevated temperatures of our on board temperature sensors.

Advoli Cooling Redundancy
Advoli TA6 Exploded Side View

Flexibility, Functionality and Performance

When designing the advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card we had three core items in mind while driving for simplicity.


Flexibility – we wanted to ensure you were able to use your preferred processor brand in as many different types of motherboards as possible.


Functionality – we wanted to give you more power over your graphics card functionality, pushing IOT solutions and driving more functionality over one cable.


Performance – we wanted to ensure what we delivered was robust and could scale performance based on need. We tested a multitude of cooling solutions and found out our own custom design gave the best performance for our form factor.

6 x 4K (UHD) Channels

With the advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card you can choose to drive:

6 independent 4K display walls

6 combined 4K desktops as one enormous resolution stretched desktop (e.g. 12K by 4K)

6 independent 4K desktops

All over a distance of 100 meters per hop.

Advoli Enormous Resolution Display Wall

Product Specification & Installation Guide

A dive into the technical performance, functionality, dimensions and installation guide of the HDBaseT™ Certified advoli™ TA6 Graphics Card.