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advoli™ was founded by four individuals in 2015 with a drive to innovate and simplify, we set out to provide our contribution to the audiovisual industry. Read more about advoli and its founders here.
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About Us

Innovate, Work Hard and Have Fun Doing it.

Who We Are In Short

advoli™ was founded by four individuals in 2015: two investors and two hard working gentlemen that were annoyed by the complexity and clutters in audiovisual solutions. With a drive to innovate and simplify, we set out to provide our contribution to the audiovisual industry.


Our products have been developed and brought to market by Clas and Paul. We have conceptualised, patented, designed, coded, prototyped, manufactured, sourced, regulatory tested and quality controlled our products – among many more exercises. In other words, no job has been too small or too big for us not to get involved in, learn from and implement improvements.


Our vision is to simplify systems. Our mission is to shake up the industry by continuously disrupting and bringing increased value to the end user.

Clas Sivertsen Advoli

Clas Sivertsen / Development

Clas is a serial inventor with over 90 patents to his name. An expert in electrical, mechanical and thermal engineering, with a passion for designing complete systems from concept, through architecture and actual schematics, PCB layout and firmware, as well as designing clever mechanical enclosures and instrumentation.


He also has a part time interest in organic chemistry and molecular biology, with a special interest in genetics, epigenetics, and virology.


Clas formerly worked 18 years at American Megatrends Inc. and where he ended his tenure as Vice President. Clas was also the founder and chairman of Digbil.

Paul Torkehagen / Commercial

Paul is serial entrepreneur and has a background in innovation and strategy from work as a consultant and a part-time educator.


He has a B.Sc in Information Systems Management with a second major in Marketing from Singapore Management University, Singapore, and an MBA from Hult International Business School, Shanghai where he had a three year stint as visiting faculty teaching innovation and strategy to bachelor, master and MBA students on consulting projects with fortune 500 companies.


Paul spends a quarter of his time being a student of electrical engineering under Clas and the other three quarters co-inventing, sourcing, partnering and managing the business and strategy aspects of Advoli. He has a passion for simplifying complex systems and has a keen interest in continuos learning.

Paul Torkehagen

Dare to Dream

Dare to dream the impossible and challenge the status quo

Invent or Innovate

Invent or innovate a technology, model or process to achieve the dream

Obtain The Tools

Obtain the tools to achieve the dream - be it knowledge, skills or hardware

Stay Strong

Persevere, as nothing comes easily.